When it comes to deciding which apparel product to buy, some customer may have the requirement to see the product when in use. Accordingly, we believe that by applying our ghost mannequin technique to your apparel product will significantly enhance your customer's experience when browsing your e-store.


This might be the most fundamental task in image editing work but arguably is the most efficient method to attract your customer to your product. Therefore, through our skills and precision, we deliver only the most impeccable quality with our background removal service to ensure our client's satisfaction.


Discolorations in product images can taint the overall look of the product. Dropicts is most capable in flaunting your product in the best and most realistic colors with our color correction skills.


Spot any defect or imperfection in your product image? Dropicts has the best Retouch technique that will help remove all undesirable features. If you already have a certain retouch standard, we can implement it to our daily process.


You can't found the services that specifically suits your need? Best of the best you can customize all the services you need in one bundle. This service is a perfect choice for e-commerce company who have variant specification for product images standard.